Endodontics or root canal therapy can save a threatened tooth.  A tooth crack, cavity or injury can result in an infection, usually marked by pain and swelling, that affects the nerve in the root of a tooth.  If the infection persists, the tooth can become irrevocably damaged and will have to be removed.  However, root canal treatment can clear the infection and allow your tooth to be saved.




Usually a root canal treatment involves between one and three visits to our office and causes little discomfort.  The endodontic treatment clears the diseased pulp from the root of the tooth, then cleans and seals the area.  Typically a crown is placed over the tooth to add strength and support.




If you practice good dental hygiene, a tooth restored by root canal can last a lifetime.  To ensure the longevity and health of your teeth, continue regular dental hygiene exams twice per year or on the schedule recommended for your specific conditions.  Your treated tooth can remain healthy as long as its’ remaining root or roots are nourished by the surrounding tissues.

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