Dr. Sal Pizzino loves kids! And he most certainly loves to help them have the straightest, healthiest smiles possible. Dr. Pizzino has been well educated on the benefits of offering early orthodontic care for children. Southport Family Dental offers our younger patients that need orthodontic treatment the opportunity to be treated by our Orthodontist at our Southport office, Dr. Isaak Yelizar. Dr. Yelizar is available to take care of all of your child’s orthodontic needs, comfortably and efficiently.


Most importantly, Dr. Yelizar can treat your children at an early age, in some cases as early as 7 years old! By treating your child’s orthodontic problems early, you may save money and may prevent the need for more extensive future treatment. We know our parents want the best for their children; straight teeth, properly sized jaws, straight profiles, being able to breathe properly through their nose and not their mouths, and of course, healthy and beautiful smiles!


Did you know that 75% of 12-year-olds need orthodontic treatment? The problem is that 90% of a child’s face has already developed by that age. Dr. Yelizar guides your child’s facial development early. Up to 80% of your child’s treatment can be corrected before the adult teeth are even present. By treating your child early, you will undoubtedly spare your child from being treated throughout their teens, when acceptance to treatment more difficult. Dr. Yelizar loves helping the little ones to breathe freely along with many other issues that may occur due to airway problems and crowded teeth. Why should your child suffer? Call Southport Family Dental today as Dr. Yelizar can help your child.


Dr. Yelizar can help correct and often prevent: bite problems, underdeveloped jaws, narrow arches, crowded teeth, deep overbites, jaw joint problems, airway problems and thumb-sucking habits.


Many children with narrow jaws, deep overbites or receding lower jaws have unhealthy jaw joints which can cause:


• Headaches and neck pain


• Dizziness and fainting


• Earaches or ringing in the ears


• Clicking and locking jaws, or difficulty opening jaws


Deep overbites and receding lower jaws may cause earaches, stuffiness or ringing in the ears. If infection has been ruled out, Dr. Yelizar can eliminate these symptoms effectively.


Mouth breathing can lead to orthodontic problems, as well as other problems, such as poor sleep habits. This can leave children prone to daytime fatigue, an inability to concentrate in school, and headaches. Mouth breathing can cause narrow arches and unattractive smiles. By treating your child while they are actively growing, Dr. Yelizar can help them achieve a broad, beautiful smile and prevent many issues.


Crowded teeth are caused by narrow arches. Developing the arches at an early age may prevent or eliminate the crowding of permanent teeth and often eliminates the need to remove any adult teeth. Narrow jaws can confine the tongue and interfere with normal speech. Dr. Yelizar can help ensure proper growth and greatly enhance your child’s ability to speak normally.


Dr. Yelizar can prevent or eliminate the need for the removal of adult teeth and lengthy use of braces, speech difficulties, and crowding. Dr. Yelizar takes great pride in helping children to have the healthiest, most beautiful smiles possible.


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