Some conditions, such as impacted teeth, implants, jaw-related problems, injury, and certain infections and diseases, may require oral surgery. Oral surgery dentists treat facial pain, misaligned jaws and problem wisdom teeth.  Specialists also treat accident victims suffering facial injuries, place dental implants, care for patients with oral cancer, tumors and cysts of the jaws, and perform facial cosmetic surgery.


At Southport Family Dental, the scope of our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice includes:


  • Extractions
  • Surgical biopsies
  • Drainage to relieve infections
  • Alveoplasty (denture preparation)
  • Implant placements
  • Pathway establishment for teeth to erupt




Dr. Salvatore Pizzino treats these conditions and many more at our dental office in Fairfield County, CT.  For other specialized conditions, Southport Family Dental may refer patients to trusted oral surgeons in the Fairfield, CT area and nearby.  Because oral and maxillofacial specialists complete advanced training in anesthesia, these doctors can offer patients the required oral surgery in the comfort of their offices.

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