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In the world of dentistry, there are many questions about insurance:

 Who is a good company?

 How do I know what type of plan you accept?

 What type of coverage is best for my family?


These concerns are what I hear on a daily basis. I see patients become frustrated due to a lack of understanding and also poor communication from their insurance company. It is a part of my job to make sure patients understand what is covered under their policy and what is not. Consider me your insurance Guru! I am more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns because my goal for this blog is to help you get the best insurance coverage possible.


Let’s start with something easy!  Southport Family Dental accepts most insurances.  The only plan types that will not work at our office are HMO and DMO. If you have this type of restrictive plan, your insurance company will provide you with a list of dental practices that accept your insurance.   Keep in mind that many employers offer options for coverage and a simple call or email to your human resources department may enable you to switch for better coverage.  All traditional dental plans or PPO’s will work just fine at our office!  Just give us a call with your info and we’ll double check everything for you.


Another question (and it’s usually the most popular) is: “What insurance companies are you in-network with?” Here at Southport Family Dental, we are in-network providers with 5 major insurance companies: MetLife, United Healthcare, Guardian, Cigna and Delta Dental. I like to explain to patients that even if you have a plan under one of the above mentioned companies it does not necessarily guarantee the best coverage. The best coverage depends on what type of plan you have, so it’s very important to ask these key questions: Are my cleanings covered twice anytime or once every 6 months? What are my maximum and deductibles? What percentage of cleanings and basic procedures are covered? Is there a missing tooth clause? Is there orthodontic coverage?  Most patients do not fully understand their insurance plans because they do not know the proper questions to ask. I am aware of what everyone should be asking, and I am more than willing to help you get the answers you need.


Most importantly, everything with insurance is an estimate until a payment is received. I always try to give patients the best estimates I possibly can. Unfortunately, we’re never 100% sure of what insurance will cover until they send us a payment.  Everything up until then will be a “guestimate”. At Southport Family Dental, we always go above and beyond for all of our patients by helping them to understand their insurance plan and maximizing their dental benefits.





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